Theme Configuration

Site Identity

Fill all fields in Appearance  => Customize => Site Identity

Logo – set logo for the site.

Tagline – set tagline for the site.

Site Icon – set favicon (also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon).

Color Customization

The theme provides plenty of color customization settings. Go to Appearance  => Customize => Colors, it allows you to change all main colors of the theme. To change Elementor builder colors go to Elementor Color Customization section below.

Primary color – sets main accent color.

Primary hover color – sets link hover color.

Primary background color – changes accent background color.

Header background color – changes header background color. If there is no changing of the header color that means the current page uses Elementor builder’s header instead of the site’s global, so you need to change the color on the page.

Footer background color – changes footer background color.

Primary dark colorSets text color in paragraphs.

Title colorSets color for titles.

Footer widget title color – sets the color for widget titles in the footer.

Button background color – sets background color for buttons.

Button hover color – sets hover color for buttons. To change Elementor button colors go to  Elementor Color Customization section below.

Text selection background color – changes text selection background color. Try to select text on a page.

Elementor Color Customization

To change Elementor builder global colors go to Site Settings => Global Colors in the visual builder.

CSS Customization

For minor changes, you are able to use Appearance => Customization => Additional CSS field. Basic information about CSS:

Also, you need an in-browser tool for CSS tweaks:

  • Chrome Developer Tools (in Google Chrome)
  • Inspector (in Firefox)
  • Web Inspector (in Safari)
WordPress settings

You can find additional information in WordPress documentation, but we’ll describe the main options:

  1. Settings  => General. You can set here your email, timezone, and date format.
  2. Settings => Reading. Use any of pre-build homepages, or you can use any other page of the site as a home page. Also, you are able to change the number of posts per page for the blog. 6, 8, or 10 is optimal for site performance.
  3. Settings  => Discussion. You can enable/disable the pre-moderation of comments here
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